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Okamoto foresees domestic semiconductor revival at distributors’ meeting

March 1, 2023

Okamoto Machine Tool Works held “PSG Branch Meetings” in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya from February 6 to 9 (=photo). PSG stands for Precision Surface Grinding. A total of about 300 people from trading companies and sales agents attended the meeting at the three locations.

Mr. Tsuneyuki Ishii, President of Okamoto Machine Tool Works, addressed the audience and said, “We will continue to propose high value-added products such as labor-saving and environmentally friendly products. We want to achieve the sustainability of both our company and society.

During the meeting, Managing Executive Officer and Chief Director of Technology Development, Mr. Gyo Ito, gave a lecture on the “Scenario for the Revival of Japan as a Semiconductor Nation”. Currently, Japan relies on Taiwan for semiconductor imports, which makes it difficult to obtain semiconductors in case of emergency. Therefore, the Japanese government is focusing on reviving the domestic semiconductor industry. It is particularly important to produce the most advanced semiconductors domestically. In addition, power consumption during manufacturing has increased with the shrinking of semiconductors, but “Japan has technologies that can transfer data with low-power consumption. This can be a good opportunity for the revival of the semiconductor industry in Japan,” he emphasized.

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