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MISUMI Group’s “meviy” procurement system supports 2D

July 10, 2023

MISUMI Group held a press conference at its headquarters on June 2 to introduce two new features added to its “meviy” mechanical component procurement service. The day before the conference, the company began offering “meviy 2D,” which supports 2D design drawings. Previously, meviy was only compatible with 3D drawings. However, there are a large number of users in Japan who are using 2D drawings at their machining sites. In response, the company expanded the scope of its service to include 2D drawings. 

Mr. Mitsunobu Yoshida, Senior Corporate Officer and President of ID Business Company, who oversees the meviy business, said, “Since the launch of meviy, we have received so many requests for 2D design drawing support. It still takes about a day to provide a quote with meviy 2D, compared to a few seconds with 3D drawings, but it saves time by eliminating the need for multiple quotes. This is a benefit for both the purchasing staff and the order recipients. (=photo)” 

The other is “meviy for Education”, a new package for educational institutions. meviy has a feature that displays error messages when there are incorrect points in the uploaded 3D drawings. “This feature is also useful for design studies. Therefore, we offer educational institutions a free purchase quota of 100,000 yen per year,” explained Mr. Yoshida.

About meviy: meviy – A digital revolution in component procurement | MISUMI Corporation (


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