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MT orders total 114.7 billion JPY in August 2023: Slight MoM uptick, persistent YoY decline

September 28, 2023

The Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association (JMTBA) announced the firm report of machine tool orders for August 2023. The total amount of orders received was 114.7 billion yen. This was the first month-on-month (MoM) increase in two months and the eighth consecutive month of year-on-year (YoY) decline, falling below 120 billion yen for the second consecutive month. While domestic demand declined from the previous month due to the summer break and other factors, foreign demand increased mainly in China and other Asian countries, resulting in a slight increase in total orders from the previous month. This was the 31st consecutive month that total orders exceeded 100 billion yen. 


Domestic demand was 35.7 billion yen, the second consecutive MoM decline and the 12th consecutive YoY decline. Affected by the summer break and the absence of subsidy benefits, domestic demand fell below 40.0 billion yen for the second consecutive month, the lowest level this year. 

Among the 11 industry sectors, 7 industries posted MoM declines. Electrical & Precision Machinery exceeded 5.0 billion yen for the first time in 5 months, but the decline was largely seen in Industrial Machinery. In addition, 10 industries other than Primary Metals posted YoY declines, indicating a widespread sense of stagnation. 


Foreign demand increased MoM for the first time in five months and decreased YoY for the eighth consecutive month to 79.0 billion yen, falling below 80.0 billion yen for the second consecutive month. 

Orders received by region were as follows: Orders from Asia exceeded 33 billion yen for the first time in two months, reflecting increases in China, Thailand, India and other regions. Orders from Europe were heavily affected by the summer break and fell below 18 billion yen for the first time in three months, but remained within the flat range. Orders from North America increased for the first time in two months to more than 22 billion yen due to large aviation-related orders in the U.S. The North American total also remained at a solid level of 24.0 billion yen for the sixth consecutive month. 

China, which has been on a downward trend recently, saw an increase in August, but the trends in September and beyond deserve close attention. 


August Summary

Amount (million yen) MoM change (%) YoY change (%)
Total Orders 114,760 100.4 82.4
Domestic total 35,717 90.7 69.0
Industrial Machinery 14,538 84.0 73.2
Motor Vehicles 7,929 93.6 58.7
Electrical & Precision Machinery 5,090 141.0 67.1
Aircraft/Shipbuilding/Transport equipment 1,090 83.8 87.8
Foreign total 79,043 105.5 90.3
Asia 33,946 116.5 77.6
Europe 17,685 92.4 111.8
North America 24,793 100.9 97.4



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