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Mizui Seiko tried to meet demands of the times and established the strong point (1/2)

April 15, 2019

providing special shaped rollers

Mizui Seiko manufactures cylindrical rollers used as rolling elements for bearings.

Mizui Seiko builds the system which allows for integrated production in-house and achieves short delivery time and small-lot production.

“We can accommodate customer’s needs and manufacture special shaped rollers that cannot be manufactured by other companies,” says Masahiro Inoue, president.

 offering small lots in real time

Mizui Seiko manufactures rollers for bearing, small shafts and pins.

Mizui Seiko’s strong point is to be able to do integrated production in-house. It has facilities for cutting wire materials, machine tools, centerless grinding machines, various types of grinding machines and heat treatment furnaces.

“It’s normal for our industry to order 10,000 units at least and it takes a few months to deliver, but we can meet the demand that customers want just 100 units in a month.

Our integrated production enables us to provide small-lot and high accuracy rollers to the customer in real time,” says Inoue.

Many rollers are used for one bearing, and the unit price is not so expensive despite the high precision. For this reason, rollers are usually mass-produced on mass-production lines that can carry out multiple processes one after the other. However, it is inevitable that the minimum lot is large, because it takes time to change the specification of the roller.

Mizui Seiko has a wide range of process design and can optimize it according to the situation to solve the problem without production line. Thereby, it can achieve small-lot and short delivery time.There are various methods in the material cutting process like press cutting from wire material and cutting from bar materials with automated machine.

It is possible to select various methods for each process by installing a wide range of facilities instead of mass production lines. The combination makes it possible to produce a product that meets the customer’s needs. Mizui Seiko can also accommodate special shapes, such as products with chamfered roller end faces and products with recessed centers.

“Our motto is not to refuse customer’s need. Our mission is to meet demand for customers who are very particular about the products they want.” says Inoue.

Insights    Ash Kuwasaki, editor

Bearings are parts that support a rolling shaft and are used in a lot of machines and devices. I also have been paying attention to the trend of the bearing, but I have not been careful for the “ball” and “roller” used inside of bearing. It is very useful for me to hear that “it’s normal for our industry to order 10,000 units at least and it takes a few months to deliver” by president Inoue.

The bearing is “backseat player”, but the roller can be said to be “supporter of backseat player “. I would like to continue to be careful about that tendency.

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Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine September,2017

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