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EMO Hannover 2019 Special Feature Machining centers (1/2)

September 4, 2019

You can peek a part of Japanese
FA companies’ products, which will be
showed off at EMO Hannover 2019.



MAKINO MILLING MACHINE (Hall 12, Stand B36) will show off technologies, including automation, machinery monitoring, and predictive maintenance, under the theme of “Customer Support Technologies-Precisely!” What the company highly recommends is the a500Z of 5-Axis horizontal machining center. The catchphrase is “Quest for speed”.

The three main features are as follows: 1. The cutting time and the non-cutting time were shortened. 2. It has double slant structure and enable to machine with higher machining condition. 3. It has a good working property and accessibility.

The travel of the XYZ-axis is 730×750×500mm, and the travel of B-axis is 360° and that of C-axis is 180°. The maximum workpiece size is 630mm of diameter and 500mm of length. The target markets are expected to be automobiles, machinery, construction machinery and agricultural equipment, and precision machinery.


Matsuura Machinery / MAM72-70V

Matsuura Machinery (Hall 27, Stand E63) will present MAM72-70V of 5-axis vertical machining center (MC), MX-850 PC4 of 5-axis vertical MC with multi palettes, MAM72-35V PC40 of 5-axis vertical MC, H.Plus-504 of horizontal MC with high accuracy and high-rigidity, and LUMEX Avance-25 of hybrid metal 3D printer.

What Matsuura Machinery recommends the most is 5-axis vertical MC, MAM72-70V. This product was exhibited at the JIMTOF held in Japan in November 2018, but will be the exhibited in Europe for the first time. The catchphrase is “Automated and Unmanned 5-axis production” and the three main features are as follows: 1. It is ergonomically designed for maximum working efficiency and comfort. 2. Matsuura Unmanned automation leads to higher machine utilization and profitability. 3. It is possible to operate easily.

The XYZ-axis of travel is 1200×720×710mm, and the travel of the 4th axis travel is from minus 125 to plus 30 deg and 5th axis travel is 360 deg. The maximum work size is 700×500mm with weight of 500kg.



HORKOS (Hall 27, Stand F25) will propose new technologies based on the concept of saving energy and high-efficiency. The company will exhibit 2 models of bedless machining centers (MC) featuring space-saving, high-rigidity, and high accuracy.

The first product is NJ50 DUO of twin spindle bedless MC which is compact and high-productivity, with the catchphrase of “high performance machine for high presision machining center.”

The three main features are as follows: 1. Having two spindles can improve productivity per installation space. 2. Each spindle can compensate the pitch against thermal deformation. 3. high precision, high efficiency and space-saving by bedless structure.

Machine size is 1590×3142mm and the XYZ-axis of travel is 480×300×350mm. Rapid traverse rate is 62m per minute. The automobile industry is expected to be the target market.

The second product to exhibit is a NJ60 wide type, which is compact with a machine width of 2000 mm and the X-axis travel is 1000 mm, and is suitable for large workpieces.

HORKOS will also demonstrate machining by using iMQL, an ecologic and energy-saving technology.


Kiwa Machinery / KH-4500kai

Kiwa Machinery (Hall 26, Stand B47) will challenge EMO2019 on two themes of “flexibility” and “ultra-high pressure”. The company will exhibit machining center, KH-4500kai, and emphasize its first theme of “flexibility”.

Several options are available with basic specifications such as spindle speed and the number of tools, and by selecting the specifications that meet a company’s needs, it becomes the optimal machine. The customers also increase the number of tools after purchase and increase the number of pallets from 2 to 6 or 8.

The KH-4500kai has the following features in addition to the flexibility: 1. It has a small footprint and large machine capacities. 2. Rear chip management design helps efficient chip disposal.

The XYZ-axis travel is 700×740×680mm. Target market is automobile, aerospace, and job shops industries. In the second theme of “ultra-high pressure”, Kiwa Machinery will demonstrate a hole machining using the Coolant through drill with 14MPa ultra-high pressure with another machine tool.


Shin Nippon Koki / sample work and panel display

The double column machining center builder, Shin Nippon Koki (SNK) (Hall 14, Stand G2), will exhibit at the Taiwanese Fair Friend Group booths that acquired Shin Nippon Koki in October 2016.

Shin Nippon Koki will not display the machine this time. It plans to use sample work, panel displays, and movies to promote its products instead of exhibiting machines.


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