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High speed laser processing machine for machining of small diameter pipes

October 23, 2019

Yamazaki Mazak launched the high speed laser processing machine FT-150 FIBER in Japan for machining small diameter pipes with high quality. Small diameter pipes with diameters of under 150mm are mainly used in furniture, architectural and vehicle body frames. The company has developed products targeting industries that demand small diameter and mass-production.

FT-150 FIBER is equipped with a newly developed bundle loader. When a large amount of pipe material is placed on a loader, it is automatically carried into the machine one by one. High-efficiency and long-time continuous machining realize.

The T-150 FIBER is equipped with a laser head that can cut the material from the vertical direction, which is realizing high-precision machining. Round pipes on a side of 20 to 152mm and square pipes with a diameter of 20×20mm to 125×125mm can be machined.

Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine September 2019 issue

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