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New concepts simplify the introduction of robots for manufacturers

December 2, 2017

With the growing need for factory automation, the demand for robots in the factory is rapidly expanding. However, robots require safety measures and teaching operations to be properly implemented in a facility before they can be considered safe to use. This issue has been a key barrier in the adoption of robots by industrial consumers.

In dealing with this problem, many industrial robot manufacturers focus on proposals that emphasize “ease-of-use” through robotics. This includes collaborative robots that do not require safety fences and improved teaching efficiency so that customers can easily integrate robots into their existing systems.

From November 30th, until December 2nd, Tokyo Big Site hosted the 2017 International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo to showcase cutting-edge robotics technology for industrial customers.

Yaskawa Electric exhibited a reference product in which a self-propelled robot called “Mortmann HC10” was mounted on an unmanned transportation vehicle.

Nachi-Fujikoshi exhibited robots intended to provide flexibility in changes to production lines. The company exhibited the collaborative robots “CZ10” as a reference product. This robot offers a unique “direct teaching function”, appealing to demand for ease of use.

Fanuc demonstrated “QSSP”, a green collaborative robot, as well as “CR-7iA/L” and ROBODRILL, automation packaging proposals for “QSSP”. The features in this robot are aimed at automating various processes related to small scale production.

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