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Mitsubishi Electric launched 3D fiber laser processing machine for automotive press-formed parts

January 31, 2020

3D fiber laser processing machine

FV Series

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric released two models of the 3D fiber laser processing machine “FV Series” for press-formed parts in the automotive industry on January 28, 2020. The FV series adopt a new one-point machining head, a gantry structure with high rigidity and capable of high-speed machining, and a new 3D high-speed control with high efficiency. High-speed, high-precision machining can be performed over the entire machining stroke, and productivity has been increased four times compared to conventional models.

It is also equipped with a newly developed original fiber laser oscillator. Optimal beam control is realized and machining with high quality is possible with high affinity with laser processing machines. This reduces burrs by up to 90% compared to conventional models. Two types, 2kW and 4kW, were prepared for each laser oscillator output. The annual production volume is expected to be 50 in total for two types.

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