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Japan’s machine tool orders in August : 67.9 billion yen

September 30, 2020

Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association(JMTBA)announced the machine tool order amount of August. Total amount of orders in August was 67.98 billion yen, decreased by 2.6% from the previous month. Domestic order decreased by 7.0% to 23.07 billion yen, and foreign order decreased by 0.2% to 44.91 billion yen.

Due to the influence of summer vacation, the amount of orders received in August decreased for the first time in 3 months from the previous month, falling below 70 billion yen for 5 consecutive months.

By the spread of the COVID-19, the situation remains severe, but there are also bright signs.

Regarding domestic demand, orders for automobiles increased from the previous month.

Regarding foreign demand, orders received from China decreased from the previous month for the first time in 6 months, but the situation remains strong, exceeding 15 billion yen for 3 consecutive months.

JMTBA also downwardly revised the annual forecast of the accumulative order from 1,200 billion yen to 850 billion yen.

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