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Iscar introduces advanced machining cases for automotive parts

September 8, 2017

Iscar Japan held the 2017 Automotive UTS (User Technical Seminar) (= photo) at the Kobe Technical Center on September 8, 2017, and invited about 60 automotive users. The Industrial Manager of the Automotive Division came to Japan from headquarters in Israel.

Advanced processing cases from the global automotive industry, especially from Euro, were introduced. In addition, demonstrations using the company’s own tools were given. It showed high-precision drilling with head-changeable drill “SUMOCHAM”, which can be applied to machining of camshaft, machining of heat-resistant cast steel using a special tip, and machining using a special tool which can simultaneously perform boring and chamfering.

Afterwards, a reception was held at a hotel in Kobe City, and participants exchanged information. “Iscar’s policy is to be a partner in achieving cost reductions through high-efficiency machining,” said Nobuyuki Komiya, president of Iscar Japan. “We hope that this seminar will help our customers to reduce the cost of producing automotive components”.

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