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Makino Seiki has renewed the tool grinder

July 2, 2021

Tool grinder maker Makino Seiki launched a new model “AGE30FX” of high-precision CNC tool & cutter grinder on June 16, 2021.

AGE30FX is a renewal machine of the conventional model “AGE30”. The capacities of automatic tool changer and grindstone changer have been significantly improved. The company reviewed the operation and design of the automatic tool changer and reduced the tool change time by 50% compared to the conventional ratio. The maximum number of tools that can be stored has increased from 123 to 780 in case of tools with a 3mm diameter. Therefore, AGE30FX can be operated continuously for a long time.

The company has increased the number of grindstones stored in grindstone changer from the conventional 6 to 8, and the replacement time has been shortened by 30% compared to the conventional one. The maximum speed of spindle on the workpiece side is 1500 rpm. The maximum tool diameter for machining is 25 mm, and the maximum tool length is 300 mm.

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