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Mazak adds new functions to web services

April 14, 2022

Leading machine tool builder Yamazaki Mazak has added a new function to the “Web Service” of its comprehensive service “Mazak iCONNECT” and began offering it to users on April 4, 2022.

One of the new functions is the ability to check the ordering history of parts. Users can quote for maintenance parts they have ordered in the past and reorder them on the web. Mazak has also expanded its e-learning content, which allows users to learn about programming and machine operation on the web. The company has also added a “Download Center” that offers users free trials of its software.

“Mazak iCONNECT” is a comprehensive service that began in April 2019. The company began offering Web Service free of charge to all users of its “MAZATROL” CNC machines in April 2021.



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