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Mazak launches new 3D fiber laser cutting machine

May 25, 2022

Yamazaki Mazak
3D fiber laser cutting machine
[FG-400 NEO]

In May 2022, Yamazaki Mazak, leading machine tool builder, has launched “FG-400 NEO”, a 3D fiber laser cutting machine for steel products worldwide. The FG-400 NEO is equipped with an energy-efficient fiber laser oscillator that offers high productivity and energy conversion efficiency. This new product is also capable of cutting highly reflective materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper.

The FG-400 NEO is also equipped with a function that allows users to freely control the diameter and shape of the laser beam, making it possible to cut everything from thin sheets to thick plates with a single machine. The maximum output of the oscillator is 4 kW, and the rapid feeding speed is 60 m/min on the X-axis, 36 m/min on the Y-axis, and 30 m/min on the Z-axis.

The target markets are steel processing for construction materials and agricultural machinery. The sales price is from 193.5 million yen (tax not included). Annual sales target is 36 units.

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