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Mazak Launched Hybrid Multi-tasking Machine with Gear Machining Function

December 21, 2018

Yamazaki Mazak
Hybrid multi-tasking machine
[INTEGREX AG series]

Yamazaki Mazak launched the Hybrid multi-tasking machine “INTEGREX AG Series, which has a gear machining function on the multi-tasking machine.
AG refers to “Auto Gear”.
Recently, also in gear machining, it is required to cope with various kind and small quantity, varieties, and one-piece manufacturing.
Traditionally, several gear cutting machines are required to produce small lot gears.
However, in order to realize high accuracy machining by shortening lead time, constructing manufacturing lines with high flexibility, and reducing setup replacement, there is a growing need to consolidate the processes of gear machining in general-purpose machines.
Therefore, the multi-tasking machine INTEGREX was equipped with advanced gear processing functions such as gear skiving and hobbing, and in-machine measurement functions.
It is possible to complete the processing from the gear cutting process to the turning and machining process, and the in-machine measurement of the tooth shape and the tooth stripe and the additional correction process by one unit.
Two types of gears are available: INTEGREX i-200 STAG for small and medium components and INTEGREX e-1250V/8AG for large components.
Mazak expands its lineup in the future.

Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine October issue



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