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To improve productivity by improving thermal power supply control

June 17, 2019

Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machine


Mitsubishi Electric

Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machine “MV4800R” was released on April 17, 2019, and increased productivity by the improvement of thermal power supply control.

In recent years, plastic moldings used in heavy electricity and airplane parts have become large and complex shapes, and demand for wire-cut electrical discharge machines to machine large parts and mold has increased. Besides, it is necessary to enhance productivity, machining accuracy, and reliability of long-term automatic operation.

Therefore, the company has improved thermal power supply control and improved productivity by increasing the machining speed per part by up to 20% compared to conventional product.

In addition, an original technology called “Thermal Buster” has been installed as standard. Thermal Buster can suppress thermal displacement by using a displacement correction function and a Z-axis cooling mechanism. The machining accuracy is enhanced by suppressing the thermal displacement of the machine body during machining.

The numerical control system “D-CUBES” launched by Mitsubishi Electric in 2016 was also installed as a standard. It is easy to operate by enlarging the screen to 19 inches and adding a function for setting the number of times of machining.

MV4800R can machine workpieces up to 1250×1020 mm. Annual sales target is 50 units. The standard price is from 32.5 million yen.

Source:SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine May 2019 issue

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