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CIMT2019 Report: What Japanese companies propose to the Chinese market? (2/3)

July 11, 2019

To promote local production for local consumption

DMG MORI, a world-class builder of machine tool, proposed a robotic system combined with machining center. The robotic system “MATRIS ” is composed of combining units for each application such as material handling, and measurement with a vertical articulated robot.

MATRIS can be managed and moved on a unit-by-unit basis, making it easy to change the layout. In addition, teaching to input the motion of each unit and robot can be performed at once. The robot system was built by its affiliated corporation in China. In addition, “CMX1100”, a machining center, was manufactured in the plant in Tianjin.

The representative DMG MORI said, “in China, interest in automation has grown rapidly over the last three years. Many customers are now interested but have not yet installed automated equipment. We propose a robot system which is easy to be installed and can handle multiple processes. The Chinese government has been increasing the domestic procurement ratio for manufacturing equipment by 2025. Companies have the advantage of being easy to obtain subsidies when manufactured in China and they also have strong interest.”

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Source: SEISANZAI MARKETING Magazine issue June 2019

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