New products

New products
- August 12, 2019

Dramatic improvement in productivity with new LBC technology

Fiber laser cutting machine 「VENTIS-3015AJ」 AMADA HOLDINGS AMADA HOLDINGS released VENTIS-3015AJ, which is equipped with locus beam control (LBC) technology. The LBC can control the laser to have an optimum trajectory depending on ...

New products
- July 26, 2019

The loading system suitable for SMEs

Loading system 「BV7-870」 Brother Industries BV7-870 is a device that is mounted on a compact machining center, SPEEDIO series, and automatically load and unload a workpiece. The motion range is limited and it is easy to do teaching...

New products
- July 8, 2019

To Improve workability and operability by its low-profile structure

Hybrid type vertical injection molding machine  “TWX220RIII25V” Nissei Plastic Industrial began to get orders for hybrid type vertical injection molding machine “TWX220RIII25V”, a 10% reduction in the height of its machinery on May 1,...

New products
- June 17, 2019

To improve productivity by improving thermal power supply control

Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machine 「MV4800R」 Mitsubishi Electric Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machine "MV4800R" was released on April 17, 2019, and increased productivity by the improvement of thermal power supply control. I...

New products
- June 3, 2019

20 items are added to the radius cutter for high feed machining

Radius cutter for high feed machining WJX series Mitsubishi Materials The types of maximum cutting diameter of 50mm and 52mm were added to the arbor type of the radius cutter "WJX Series" for high feed machining. In addition to ...

New products
- May 22, 2019

It is suitable for hardened steel by introducing a new coating

Ball end mill 「EHHBE-TH3」 Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool The four-blade “Epoch High Hard Ball EHHB-ATH" is introduced the coating "TH3" which has both heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Thus, a hardened steel having a Rockwell h...

New products
- May 6, 2019

Fiber laser processing machine that realizes various machining

Fiber laser processing machine 「LS2512HL」 Murata Machinery Fiber laser processing machine "LS2512HL" is based on a laser processing machine of an optical system moving type in which a laser head moves. It also adds an ability for f...

New products
- May 3, 2019

5-axis machining center that can machine a wide range of materials

5-axis machining center JTEKT 「FH630SX-5A」 JTEKT launched 5-axis machining center, FH630SX-5A, on March 14, 2019. Shinji Kato, executive director, says "we have developed MC that customers can safely introduce in the face of dra...

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