New products

New products
- March 13, 2019

Gear grinding machine faster and more accurate by reviewing the structure

Gear grinding machine 「ZE16C/26C」 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool "ZE16C/26C" gear grinding machine, which enables high-speed and high-precision finishing, was launched. The shape error of the gear after machining was s...

New products
- February 18, 2019

Top of the range model

Die-sinker EDM [AP30L] Sodick The top of the range model was added to the Die-sinker EDM "AP series" The own model CFRP was used for the main spindle, and weight reduction and high rigidity were realized. The jump operation o...

New products
- February 13, 2019

Long edge insert was added to FMAX series

Frontal cutting cutter [FMAX series] Mitsubishi Materials Long-edge insert was added to the FMAX series of milling cutters for finishing aluminium alloys. It is possible to shorten the machining time without the need for interme...

New products
- February 8, 2019

5-axis vertical MC as small as telephone booth

5-axis vertical machining center [MedCenter-5AX] Kitamura Machinery MedCenter 5AX is 1200mm wide and has a space of 2.4m2, which is about the size of a public telephone booth. It is capable of machining workpieces with diameters of...

New products
- January 30, 2019

Adding combination type of a lens and barrel

Special shape end mill for finishing [GP1LB type of GALLEA series] Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool added insert of "GP1LB type" to deformed end mill "GALLEA series ". The end surface incorporates a lens R blade,...

New products
- January 18, 2019

Corresponding widely from high-speed machining to heavy cutting

Horizontal Machining Center [MB-5000HII] Okuma launched horizontal machining center "MB-5000HII", which has functions ranging from high-speed light cutting to heavy cutting. In the automobile industry, which is performing well worl...

New products
- January 9, 2019

Successor models of Okamoto Machine Tool Works best-selling products

Surface grinder [PSG-GX series] Okamoto Machine Tool Works Okamoto Machine Tool Works upgraded its surface grinder of best-selling products, the PSG-DX series, which sold about 20,000 units worldwide. Basic operability and functions a...

New products
- January 7, 2019

Compatible with a workpiece with a maximum diameter of 51mm

Spindle fixed automatic lathe [SK-51] Star Microns This is a spindle fixed lathe that is suitable for machining thick and short cylindrical workpieces. Maximal machining diameter is expanded to 51mm and is suitable for processing larg...

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