New products

New products
- January 18, 2019

Corresponding widely from high-speed machining to heavy cutting

Horizontal Machining Center [MB-5000HII] Okuma launched horizontal machining center "MB-5000HII", which has functions ranging from high-speed light cutting to heavy cutting. In the automobile industry, which is performing well worl...

New products
- January 9, 2019

Successor models of Okamoto Machine Tool Works best-selling products

Surface grinder [PSG-GX series] Okamoto Machine Tool Works Okamoto Machine Tool Works upgraded its surface grinder of best-selling products, the PSG-DX series, which sold about 20,000 units worldwide. Basic operability and functions a...

New products
- January 7, 2019

Compatible with a workpiece with a maximum diameter of 51mm

Spindle fixed automatic lathe [SK-51] Star Microns This is a spindle fixed lathe that is suitable for machining thick and short cylindrical workpieces. Maximal machining diameter is expanded to 51mm and is suitable for processing larg...

New products
- January 4, 2019

NC lathe that contributes to improving the productivity of automotive components

Twin Spindle Turning Machine [MW120II] Murata Machinery Murata Machinery improved the Twin Spindle Turning Machine “MW120" with the aim of improving the productivity of parts processing mainly in the automotive field. High accuracy co...

New products
- December 26, 2018

Achieving high productivity with space saving

Turning Center [ALX 1500/2000/2500] DMG MORI This is a turning center with a total of 36 variations by function, including chunk size and distance between centers. The chunk size has three patterns of 6 inches (ALX1500), 8 inches (ALX...

New products
- December 21, 2018

Mazak Launched Hybrid Multi-tasking Machine with Gear Machining Function

Yamazaki Mazak Hybrid multi-tasking machine [INTEGREX AG series] Yamazaki Mazak launched the Hybrid multi-tasking machine "INTEGREX AG Series, which has a gear machining function on the multi-tasking machine. AG refers to "Auto Gear"....

New products
- December 12, 2018

Sodick Launches “K6HL” Ultra High Speed Drilling Machine with Three-Axis Linear Motor drive

Small Hole Drilling EDM [K6HL] Sodick K6HL mounts its own linear servomotor on all three axes of XYZ, and realizes high speed and high accuracy precision drilling.  The order will be started from 2019. SODICK's proprietary discharge-con...

New products
- October 2, 2018

New Solid Carbide Drill for Centering and Chamfering

Mitsubishi Materials Carbide drill [Leading drill series DLE] These are cemented carbide drills with a 90 degree tip angle and are suitable for positioning and chamfering of holes. By devising the tool configuration, the strength of...

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