New products

New products
- September 28, 2018

Robots are attracting attention at special exhibitions(2/2)

A specialty exhibition of food machinery and image processing was held one after another in June. At each exhibition, robot exhibitions attracted a great deal of attention. At the food machine exhibition, many people were told that "r...

New products
- September 8, 2018

Optimization of machining conditions by AI technology

Mitsubishi Electric Die-sinking electric discharge machine [SV12P] Mitsubishi Electric launched die-sinking electric discharge machine "SV12P," which installed its own artificial intelligence "Maisart." AI installed in the new c...

New products
- August 21, 2018

Murata’s CNC lathe can automatic replacement of workpieces

Murata Machinery Twin Spindle CNC Chucker "MW 35" Murata Machinery added a model with two loaders mounted on the "MW 35" which has a parallel twin-screw type CNC lathe having two main spindles and two flat turret. The loader in the...

New products
- August 13, 2018

5-axis machining compatible with balance improvement

Diget Head-change tool [QM Max] Dijet added a high precision version to the head change type tool "QM MAX" series which prepair abundant lineup from end mill to milling cutter. It improved body balance more than conventional product...

New products
- August 3, 2018

Responding to various types of diameter with a single tool

Tungaloy Counter boring tool [TCB]   Tungaloy added a variety of tool diameter bodies to its TCB-series, which was primarily used to process countersunk parts such as cap bolts. It supports machining such as boring and reami...

New products
- August 1, 2018

Cobot Strengthening transportability and stroke

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Collaborative double-arm scalar robot [duAro2] Kawasaki Heavy Industries launched duAro2 as a lineup following duAro1, a double-armed scalar robot that can collaborative with people. It is a two-arm scalar ...

New products
- July 20, 2018

Product Showcase: Bottom-affixing Die mold and component clamping unit

Imao Corporation Clamp [Pullfix] Imao Corporation’s Pullfix is an optimal clamping unit for 5-face milling of die mold and components. The company recently added a compact model with a body diameter of 30mm to its series of products. Th...

New products
- June 28, 2018

Effective for cooperative operation with welding robot

Sankyo Seisakusho Positioner for welding "RollerDriveSP series" Sankyo Seisakusho released "SP Series" to its weld positioner "RollerDrive" lineup.  This series is effective for cooperative operation with a welding robot as a positione...

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